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What Should the 2020 Queensland State Election Mean for Micromobility?


Now that the votes have been counted and the Palaszczuk Labor Government has been re-elected with an increased majority, it will be interesting to see how their future performance compares to their pre-election policy platform in relation to cycling and walking.

During the campaign they pledged $58 million for cycleways and active travel for financial year 2020/21. (By coincidence $58 million is the same figure pledged by the City of Brisbane, that we reported about here, but over two years).

The government is also supporting seven feasibility studies and one concept design in relation to eight rail trail projects throughout Queensland, ranging from 6km to 156 km in length. These studies were funded from a $14 million rail trail fund established during the government’s previous term which has so far funded studies into 17 potential projects. Four rail trail projects have been funded for construction either recently or underway now.

At the time of writing the new ministerial portfolios have not yet been announced. In the previous government Mark Bailey was Minister for Transport and Main Roads. He is a regular cyclist and often posed for cycling related photo opportunities.


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