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City of Brisbane Commits $58 million For Cycleways


In his budget speech on Tuesday 16th June, City of Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said that $58 million will be spent in the next two years on major cycleway projects and $16.6 million over four years on making the Brisbane CBD more pedestrian and bike friendly.

Cycleway projects include completing the Indooroopilly Riverwalk and building the new green bridges.

Five new bridges are proposed to link Kangaroo Point to Brisbane’s CBD, Toowong to West End, St Lucia to West End as well as new crossings at Breakfast Creek and Bellbowrie.

Mayor Schrinner also said in his speech that the council will work with the Queensland Government to roll out new pop-up bike lanes in the CBD as soon as possible and that they are a high priority for the council.

In addition to the work outlined above, pop-up bike lanes will be installed as part of the Queensland Government’s 2020-21 COVID Works Program which has allocated money to local councils for them spend on infrastructure projects that will stabilise the economy.

Brisbane City Council has been allocated $5 million from the COVID Works pool. All projects must be approved by the state government.

While details about where and when pop-up bike lanes will be installed in Brisbane are not confirmed, guidelines for the works program say that successful projects will be confirmed by 6 July 2020.

This article was first published by Bicycle Network


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