Labor Election Pledge to Double NSW Active Transport Funding

Sydney, NSW

NSW Labor has declared it will double funding for active transport infrastructure if it wins the 25th March State election.

NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns was joined by the Opposition spokesperson for transport, Jo Haylen, for an announcement in Sydney last month that the Party would allocate an additional $60 million over four years, effectively doubling the existing funding State transport budget directed to active transport infrastructure.

They pledged a Labor government would “create a new fund to build more footpaths, cycle paths and other active transport infrastructure around community hubs like schools and stations which are needed by growing communities across NSW”.

They said priority would be given to Western Sydney and regional areas, particularly greenfield developments “where the availability of footpaths and cycle paths that connect to community hubs like schools and stations doesn’t keep up with the development of new homes, even once families have moved in”.

“It shouldn’t matter whether you’re living in Leppington or Lilyfield. Everyone should have access to quality walking and cycling infrastructure,” the Opposition Leader said.

His comments were echoed by his transport spokesperson, who said: “The Liberals have talked a big game on active transport infrastructure, but they just haven’t been able to deliver for growing communities across NSW.

“Having safe, connected and convenient cycleways and footpaths shouldn’t be a privilege confined to Inner Sydney. People in Western Sydney and the regions deserve access to infrastructure like this that makes their lives easier and gives them a real choice about how they travel.”

The NSW Minister for Active Transport, Rob Stokes, struck back in a Twitter video, branding Labor’s pledge “not very impressive”.

In the video, he said the Liberals had already pledged $400 million in one year for active transport, listing the projects he and the government had announced in recent months.

“Whether it’s $30 million for the Streets as Shared Spaces, $110 million for Get NSW Active, $60 million for the City to Parramatta Link, $24 million for the Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link, $194 million for Active Transport from WestInvest, and plenty more besides. That’s more than $400 million in one year,” he says.

“Our vision is hundreds of millions more to transform opportunities for families, for commuters, for tourists, people with disabilities, everyone, to get around cheaply, safely and, let’s face it, more fun, by active transport.”

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