Ride2Work Day Videos a Call to Arms

Adelaide, SA

Bicycle SA is using the 2022 Ride2Work Day as an opportunity to visually document the attractions and obstacles to active transport.

The SA peak lobby group’s film crew will be taking to the streets for this year’s event, being held on Wednesday 19th October, to interview cyclists on the themes ‘What is stopping you from riding more often?’ and ‘What do you love about cycling?’.

“We want South Australian voices heard. They will … act as a call to arms for others to care about the challenges we all share as road users.”

“While we are already aware of some of the challenges, we want to hear it directly from the mouths of the people. And we want to inspire current and potential cycle commuters with the many and varied benefits other riders are gaining from doing so,” Bicycle SA CEO Brett Gillett said.

Ride2Work Day event
A healthy crowd at a previous Ride2Work Day event in Adelaide. Photo credit: Bicycle SA.

“We’ll then amplify and promote their voices through a social media series.

“We want South Australian voices heard. They will be helping to highlight some of the important work ahead of us and act as a call to arms for others to care about the challenges we all share as road users.

“This feeds directly into our advocacy work, contributing to our ultimate goal of getting more people riding more often.

“We believe that Ride2Work Day should be every day, and we want riders to feel safe and comfortable while they’re in the saddle.”

However, Brett said the organisation knows at least 60% of South Australians are not riding as often as they’d like because of safety concerns.

“But safety isn’t the only barrier stopping people from riding to work. Route directness and speed, end-of-trip facilities, secure storage, and even the weather can all stop people from jumping on the bike,” he acknowledged.

Bicycle SA will be present at the City of Adelaide’s free breakfast event for Ride2Work Day in Hindmarsh Square, in the city centre.

“We’ll be joined by several other cycling-related businesses and organisations, so we hope to attract and engage a large number of Adelaide CBD commuters,” Brett said.

Bicycle SA is also preparing to stage Gear Up Girl, SA’s biggest women’s-only bike ride, on Sunday 13 November 2022.

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