Churchill Fellowship Awarded to Brisbane Based Micromobility Researcher

Michael Roth, Principal Consultant (Mobility Policy) at Veitch Lister Consulting in Brisbane has won Auto Skills Australia Churchill Fellowship to understand how light electric vehicles, including e-scooters, could improve transport systems.

In accepting the award, Michael said, “Our health and cities would be much improved if fewer people drove cars and instead walked, cycled or used public transport, yet decades of  efforts have achieved little. Recent advances in digital and battery technology have made Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) cost-effective and convenient. Many overseas cities have different regulations and cultures that have resulted in rapid growth of LEVs. Australia is allowing some e-bikes and e-scooters but we remain afraid to embrace most LEV and micro-mobility innovations. I intend to research the cities and interview the experts who have addressed the risks and maximised the benefits of this mobility evolution.”

Churchill Fellowships which were established in Australia in 1965 after the death of Sir Winston Churchill. They are arguably the best funded and most prestigious study fellowships available in Australia.

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