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Summary of Micromobility Share Systems in Australia


Brisbane / Queensland

We recently came across this excellent table of share schemes for capital cities in Australia.

It was compiled by Madison Bland and Benjamin Kaufman, both PhD candidates and Abraham Leung a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, all based at the Cities Research Institute at Griffith University in Brisbane, Qld.

We anticipate that during 2021, some of the grey and yellow-brown coloured fields will be replaced by more green, because we’re aware of several new systems currently in planning or tender stage. We’ll try to keep you informed of the new developments as they occur.


    • Thanks very much for your kind words Matthew. Whilst we’re not aiming to be an academic journal, but given that Micromobility is such a new, multi-dimensional, technology and policy driven field, we think that academia has a very important role to play, both in research and in educating the broader public about the great opportunities that it offers.

  1. Would love one but illegal according to services SA. Speed limited gophers are allowed, 2 wheeled electric assist up to 200w but must be principally pedalled are allowed.


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