ScootSafe Digital Academy Launched by Neuron Mobility

Melbourne, Victoria

Prominent share service operator Neuron Mobility has launched the industry’s first digital riding school, building upon the in-person ScootSafe events it has been running throughout Australia.

The ScootSafe Academy interactive digital riding school was launched last month, in consultation with the Australian Road Safety Foundation, to achieve safer use of share service e-bikes and e-scooters.

The academy features city-specific training content to educate riders, including videos, quizzes and games.

Riders found to have broken share service rules can be temporarily suspended from Neuron’s service before being directed to ScootSafe Academy to be re-educated through specific modules on parking, safe conduct and local riding rules.

Neuron says the academy is in response to recent research that shows people want more rider education and incentives to make e-scooters and e-bikes safer.

Screenshot of the ScootSafe Academy online training
A screenshot of the ScootSafe Academy online training. Photo Credit: Neuron Mobility.

It says the research reveals strong support for more to be done to promote safe e-scooter use, with 57% of study respondents calling for more rider education and 35% supporting incentives to encourage responsible riding.

“The new ScootSafe Academy platform … will be a digital extension of Neuron’s popular in-person #ScootSafe events, which have trained thousands of people at hundreds of events across Australia,” Neuron said in a statement.

“Riders will be able to access the ScootSafe Academy through the Neuron App or via the company’s website.

“Those who complete the tasks will receive up to $7 of free credits towards their future rides. The platform will replace Neuron’s in-app Safety Centre, which has helped tens of thousands of riders familiarise themselves with their local riding rules.”

Neuron, which is based in Singapore and has its Australian headquarters in Melbourne, is Australia and NZ’s leading e-scooter operator.

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