Scooter Fines Near 1,000 in First Three Months of New Queensland Laws

Brisbane, Queensland

Nearly 1,000 fines were issued for e-scooter offences in Queensland in the three months since the State Government introduced new laws to enhance e-scooter rider safety.

A total of 633 of these fines were issued to e-scooter users who were not wearing a helmet, according to figures released by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

It confirmed 976 personal mobility device fines were issued across the State between 1st November and 31st January.

They included two riders caught speeding more than 30kmh over the 12kmh limit on footpaths and fined $575.

In comparison, Queensland motorists were nabbed for more than 600 drug and drink driving offences, just one category of driving offences, during only the first week of 2023.

New E-Scooter Laws

Last November, the Queensland Government introduced a range of new rules and penalties for e-scooters.

The penalties handed down since then include:

  • 62 fines for speeding riders, including 14 riders travelling on footpaths.
  • 14 riders travelling between 21 and 30kmh over the speed limit.
  • 27 fines for running a red light
  • 176 fines for travelling on a prohibited road
  • 4 fines for riding while using a mobile phones

The department has revealled it is investigating ways to more efficiently enforce drink and drug riding laws, including legislative amendments to enable random breath testing, setting an appropriate breath/blood alcohol concentration limit, and penalties for those offences.

Neuron Expands into Sunshine Coast

Share scooter operator Neuron Mobility and the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) are continuing to work together to promote safe e-scooter riding.

They teamed with Sunshine Coast Council last week for two safe riding events, to coincide with the launch of an 18-month scooter and e-bike trial in the region.

They held Scootsafe events at the Mooloolaba Beach foreshore and Cotton Tree Park, as Neuron began is gradual roll-out of 400 e-scooters and 75 e-bikes throughout a 13km2 riding area throughout Maroochydore and Mooloolaba.

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