Beam Gets Proactive Ahead of Melbourne Scooter Decision

Melbourne, Victoria 

In late April, the Victorian Government announced it will undertake a trial to understand how e-scooters can be safely incorporated into the transport network. It will commence later this year and run for up to a year in three council areas chosen through a targeted expression of interest process, regulated by the Department of Transport. 

One major scooter company keen to do business in Melbourne is Beam. On 29th April Beam hosted the Melbourne Micromobility Safety Showcase at Southbank to demonstrate the latest advancements in e-mobility to industry, university and government stakeholders.

It also announced a partnership with the RACV (Royal Auto Club of Victoria) which has approximately 2.1 million members. 

Although traditionally a motoring organisation as its name suggests, the RACV has been trying to pivot to become a ‘mobility’ organisation. Specifically, Beam is partnering with arevo by RACV, the made-in-Melbourne ‘mobility as a service’ journey planner, to provide a range of education and safety-focused initiatives to Victorians should it be successful as part of the upcoming e-scooter trial. Beam e-scooters would also be integrated into the arevo real-time journey planner app providing greater convenience and accessibility for locals and visitors. 

“Assisting people in getting around conveniently, affordably and in a way that’s better for the environment is important to RACV. We’re excited to be a part of the Melbourne Micromobility Safety Showcase and the opportunities that lie ahead as Victoria embraces micromobility transport options,” said Elizabeth Kim, RACV General Manager arevo Mobility. 

Beam is Asia Pacific’s largest micromobility company with operations in 18 cities across five countries. It has over 3,500 vehicles in Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Bunbury, Townsville, Wellington and Auckland. 

Beam’s latest generation 4 Saturn+ e-scooter includes an integrated suspension and shock absorption system, swappable battery technology, a smart integrated three-braking system, vehicle safety indicators, dedicated phone chargers, license plates, and automatic fault and accident sensors that report real-time data to city operations teams. 

“Beam’s operations are connecting cities all over Australia and New Zealand in a safe, affordable, and sustainable way. People are embracing e-scooters with enthusiasm as a convenient daily transport option that we would love to bring to Melbourne,” said Tom Cooper, General Manager for Beam Australia and New Zealand. 

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