ACT Scooter Share Schemes Tipped to Expand

Canberra, ACT

Although there will not be an official announcement until July, results of a major government survey and comments made by local politicians are pointing towards a likely continuation and expansion of Canberra’s current scooter share schemes.

The survey of 1,907 people found that 65% of respondents supported the current scheme, 16% were neutral and 18% opposed.

63% thought the scheme should be extended into other areas of Canberra.

Other results include:

  • 16 to 34 year olds are most likely to use scheme (48%) compared to 35-54 year olds (24%) and 55+ year olds (7%)
  • 36% of people made a purchase at a shop or hospitality venue shortly before the trip and 52% of people made a purchase shortly after the trip
  • 95% of people found it easy to find an e-scooter
  • most usage of the scheme is occasional in nature with 6% reporting using it a few times a week, 4% using it weekly and 24% using it a few times a month
  • 18% of people report they might consider getting an e-scooter in the next 12 months, while 27% of people might consider getting an e-bike.

The ACT Government is paving the way for this expansion by launching a safety campaign and the promised six-month review of e-scooter use.

The results will be released in July when the government will decide if the shared e-scooter scheme should be allowed to roll out to other suburbs beyond the inner north, inner south and Belconnen.

Parts of this article were first published by Transport Canberra by the Riot ACT!

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