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In many fields we hear about someone who is an ‘overnight success’. But further research usually reveals that they’ve put in years of hard work before they seem to suddenly start kicking big goals.

Kevin Mayne is a great example of this. After completing a science degree followed by an MBA, Kevin worked in the multinational corporate world for more than a decade before joining the national cycling charity, Cycling UK, as their CEO in 1998.

Kevin has been working with quiet determination in the cycling advocacy field for the 25 years since then.

Since 2019 Kevin has been CEO of Cycling Industries Europe. This dynamic global bicycle industry funded group has gradually helped to unlock billions of Euros for cycling infrastructure projects across Europe.

But as Kevin foreshadows in this interview, the combined impacts of Covid and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have suddenly propelled he and his organisation from being considered by key European political leaders as a noisy annoyance to being taken seriously.

Kevin and his team now have increased access and relationship with the most senior elected politicians and officials in the European Parliament and European Commission.

This interview was recorded in 2022. Since then, Kevin and his team have made further progress towards historic, unprecedented new levels of European Union level support for cycling throughout Europe that will hopefully be announced during 2023.

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Kenin Mayne influencers! interview

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