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Joshua Hon has decades of experience in the world of bicycle design and manufacture. His father Dr David Hon, founded Dahon (a shortened version of his name) which became a well-known, globally distributed folding bike brand.

After working at Dahon for years, Joshua branched out and set up an entirely new company from scratch, Tern Bicycles.

Initially Tern was best known for its own designs of folding bicycles, but then Joshua ‘bet the company’ on an ambitious project to create an entire new category of bicycle from scratch.

The result was the Tern GSD, through which Joshua Hon can take credit for creating what is now a huge bicycle category, ‘compact cargo’.

Although this bike has ‘inspired’, as Joshua diplomatically describes it, many very similar models from other brands, Tern has focused upon continued product innovation and development, which has resulted in huge growth for the still relatively new company.

Throughout the journey, Joshua has developed a company with a strong culture of environmental sustainability and advocacy.

It’s also a place where just about every team member regularly rides the products that theymake, including Joshua.

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