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Australian Walking and Cycling Conference Goes Nationwide in 2021


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By Justin McCulloch*

As we all continue to adapt to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference Inc. is pleased to announce that the 2021 Australian Walking and Cycling Conference will be hosted not only in Adelaide, but simultaneously online throughout Australia, from Thursday 30th September to Friday 1st October 2021.

Multiple physical ‘Conference Hubs’ spread throughout Australia, all linked virtually via conferencing software such as Zoom or HopIn – will give a blend of the virtual attendance we have come to know through 2020, and the experience of in-person conferences that we sorely miss.

This year’s theme is ‘Global Lessons, Local Opportunities.’

Active travel is often framed in the context of European and North American conversations, whether it be the ubiquity of Dutch cycling, walkability in dense urban areas, or innovative uses of public infrastructure that facilitate these outcomes.
When thinking about Global Lessons, Local Opportunities, we hope to cast the net further geographically – where the ideas mentioned above may have been transferred, adopted and changed for local contexts; where active travel must be advocated for in light of existing resistance to change.

Please start thinking about this theme today, because we will be opening a call for papers in Mid-April! Stay up to date with the lead-up to this years’ conference via Twitter and Facebook and our website: http://www.walkingandcycling.com.au.

*Justin McCulloch is a PhD Candidate at the University of South Australia and sits on the organising committee of the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference. He can be found on twitter @jf_mcculloch.


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