Riese & Müller CEO Steps Down for Innovation Focus

Darmstadt, Germany

The CEO of one of Europe’s most enduring and important players in micromobility, Riese & Müller, has stepped down from executive duties to focus more on innovation and product development.

Markus Riese, who co-founded the e-bike specialist company in Germany almost 30 years ago, last month announced he was relinquishing the top executive role.

Riese & Müller has grown from being a folding bike start-up to a global player in the e-bike market with a turnover of around €350 million (A$522.34 million).

From the outset, Markus focused largely on innovation and product development, while Heiko Müller and Dr Sandra Wolf were primarily responsible for organisational and corporate matters.

The company said Markus will now focus all his efforts on his role as “a driver of innovation, a source of inspiration and a knowledge broker in the development department”.

“My great passion lies in the development of e-bikes and innovative detailed solutions. I want to inspire people with our bikes and advance new forms of mobility,” he explained.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else. One of the factors in Riese & Müller’s success has always been the fact that its corporate work has been performed with this same passion. Heiko and Sandra clearly share this passion.”

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