Which Cargo Bike is Right for Me?

Melbourne, Victoria

If you’re new to cargo bikes, then the video below will give you an enlightening 15 minute introduction to cargo bikes. It covers what they’re mainly used for in Australia, the main different designs of cargo bikes and what to look for when choosing a cargo bike.

Our expert demonstrators are Jurgen and Emmy Heikamp from Dutch Cargo Bike. As both their personal and business names suggest, Jurgen and Emmy are from the Netherlands. After they migrated to Australia, they saw a gaping hole in the Australian cycling landscape compared to their homeland and decided to do something about it. They began by importing just three cargo bikes, wondering if anyone else would understand how these bikes could enhance their lifestyle.

Their fears were quickly allayed, with their first tiny shipment pre-selling before they landed. Fast forward 11 years and four ever-larger business premises and it’s clear that more and more Australians are embracing cargo bikes as a means of transport and even as a car replacement, particularly families with young children

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