Scooter Share Roundup: Micromobility at Heart of UN Safety Week

Streets for All campaign representitives with escooter and blind assist dog

Micromobility takes centre stage in the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week, which has adopted the slogan #RethinkMobility. The annual road safety event, from 15th to 21st May, is highlighting the need for governments to facilitate a shift to walking, cycling and using public transport. It calls on governments and their partners to invest in…

VivaCity’s Advanced AI Putting Traffic Authorities on the Front Foot

Traffic monitoring vision

~ Sponsored Content ~ “Crikey that was close!” How many times have our adrenaline-charged hearts skipped a beat to similar thoughts as a vehicle nearly squeezes us or a co-rider crashing into the gutter? “This totally changes the way we talk about and manage road safety for cyclists and pedestrians.” Near-misses are not only frightening…

Bite-Sized Forums Bringing Academics and Practitioners to the Table

University lecturer delivering a speech

Perth, WA A new series of active transport seminars in Perth is bridging a disconnect between academics and their peers in industry and government. WA cycling lobby organisation WestCycle held its first Future of Mobility seminar last month so academics can share their studies with people who can put their findings into practise. “I don’t…

IRAP Brings Easy Evaluation of Safety for Cycling Routes

Cycling on a Vienna Street

Ljubljana, Slovenia A new evaluation tool to assess the safety levels for cyclists on roads and bike infrastructure was launched at the Velo-city Conference in Slovenia last month. CycleRAP uses data about the features of a road, street or path to evaluate the risk of crashes for bicyclists and light mobility users. It has been…

$904 Million Pledge for New York Road Safety Infrastructure

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (centre) before announcing a $904 million allocation to road safety infrastructure, including separated bicycle lanes. Photo credit: City of New York.

New York, US New York Mayor Eric Adams recently announced a $904 million (A$1.318 billion) allocation for road safety infrastructure over the next five years, including additional bike lanes and dedicated bus lanes. During Car Free Earth Day last month, the Mayor announced what he called the largest investment in street safety in the city’s…

We Don’t Need These Killers in Australia!

Dodge RAM Eats Utes for Breakfast - Advertisement

For micromobility to flourish, people need to feel safe on our roads. Over the past couple of years, I have been alarmed and dismayed to see a rapid acceleration in the number of ‘hyper macho pickup trucks’ being imported from the USA and appearing on our streets.