A Wheelie Good Rack!

Wheelie Bike Rack

Bicycle parking is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to encouraging more people to ride. But before anyone starts drilling holes in public space to install ‘permanent’ bike parking hoops, enclosures or other facilities, they have to jump through expensive hoops themselves in terms of approvals, ensuring they’re not potentially disrupting any underground utilities and so on.

These costs, combined with uncertainty amongst the relevant authorities that the parking would be regularly used, often leads to inaction. No parking leads to less riding and so the vicious cycle repeats.

Bicycle Commuting Tipped to Increase 55% – Study Concludes

Bike commuting is tipped to increase by 55 per cent in Melbourne when COVID-19 restrictions ease, with people turning away from public transport. Monash Public Transport Research Group surveyed 2000 people from outer, middle and inner suburbs in Melbourne about how they travelled to work before COVID-19, during the pandemic and what they will do…