Scooter Companies Welcome Government Strategy to Declutter Paths

e-scooters parked in a row

Brisbane, Queensland An e-Mobility Parking Plan has been launched by the Queensland Government to address the ‘clutter’ of e-scooters and other e-mobility devices on the State’s paths. The plan aims to improve the parking of e-scooters, e-bikes and other e-mobility devices “to ensure they are not left in a way which blocks paths and creates…

Dockless E-bikes to Join Expanding Brisbane Scooter Fleet from July

Beam eScooters

Brisbane, Qld Eight-hundred dockless bikes will join a growing fleet of electric scooters on Brisbane streets within weeks, as the city council unveiled what it described as a world-first strategy for the sector. On Tuesday 1st June, Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner announced that Beam, which hosts its purple bikes and scooters in several other…

An Insider’s Perspective of Australia’s E-Scooter Share Schemes

Adelaide escooters

Colourful e-scooters on footpaths, in parks and at bus stops, have become common place in several Australian cities in a very short time. They range in colour from green, orange, purple and yellow, depending on the operator.

Periodically, cities have changed colours, authorising different operators to host e-scooter hire schemes in their city. The dominant operators in Australia are currently Beam (purple), Neuron Mobility (orange) and Lime (green).

Since Lime initiated Australian services in Brisbane in late 2018, with over 50,000 rides being taken in the first two weeks, other cities have been quick to follow. In just over two years, e-scooter hire schemes have been approved in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Charles Sturt (north-western Adelaide), Port Adelaide, Townsville, West Torrens (western Adelaide), Canberra and Bunbury.