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$9.5 Million State Government Matching Funding Announced for Bundaberg to Gin Gin Rail Trail


On Wednesday 19th August the Queensland state government announced $9.5 million in funding to match local council funding to build the first two stages of the Bundaberg to Gin Gin Rail Trail.

Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey said that the project would create 229 jobs.

“For every dollar we invest in bike-riding, that means $5 returned in economic benefit to our region – dollars crucial as we turn the tide on COVID-19,” Mr Bailey said.

“When we talk rail trails, we’re talking jobs in construction, jobs in tourism and new opportunities for local businesses.

“Post-construction, we are also talking more recreation options, and opportunities for locals to get out and about and enjoy their community.

The project will deliver a Rail Trail in the existing Bundaberg North to Gin Gin rail corridor connecting Bundaberg to Gin Gin, linking the existing Gorge Rail Trail and Watawa Trail.

The trail will be 2.5 metres-wide, with access to car parking areas, and will also include the refurbishment of the Splitters Creek Bridge plus the reinstatement of new pre-fabricated bridges where existing bridges/culverts were constructed in the flood openings.

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey thanked the Government for investing in rail trails and supporting the Bundaberg-Gin Gin project.

“The rail trail will contribute to improved health, tourism growth and community connections,” he said.

“North Bundaberg and Gin Gin in particular will see increased business activity and have new recreational opportunities.

“A feasibility study last year estimated potential economic benefits of nearly $3 million per year.”

The Bundaberg to Gin Gin rail trail will eventually cover 46 kilometres. You can read a detailed development plan here.


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