Mt Stromlo Forest Park Opens More Trails

In a press release on 29th August 2020, Andrew Barr, Chief Minister for the ACT Government announced that four kilometres of Stromlo Forest Park’s newest mountain bike trails are now open.

The new trails will add to the already expansive 44km, offering cyclists additional world class novice and experienced riding trails to explore. The trails includes a 2km mountain trail offering sweeping views across Canberra and also a coaching trail designed for novice riders and groups to book.

Currently, the 1,200-hectare Stromlo Forest Park attracts over 1,000 weekend mountain bike riders daily and at the end of December 2019, visiting bike riders to Canberra spent an estimated $30 million in the local economy.

With COVID-19 restrictions and physical distancing in place due to the pandemic, the number of bike sales in the ACT has increased, boosting the sport’s popularity and highlighting trail riding as one of the world’s fastest growing sports, ensuring that the new trails would be welcomed by the community.

The new trails will attract people to the ACT, supporting tourism and contributing to the local economy by creating additional employment opportunities and bolstering local businesses.

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