Melbourne Scooter Sales Gaining Momentum

Melbourne, Victoria

Well-established Melbourne e-scooter retailers have enjoyed a notable increase in sales since the Victorian Government legalised private electric scooters from early last month, according to a prominent scooter distributor.

Other retailers remain optimistic of escalating sales over the remainder of this year.

John Dunnachie, the sales and marketing manager for distributor Bikecorp, said sales growth had been particularly strong among retailers that had a history of stocking scooters.

At the same time, the number of retailers stocking Bikecorp’s scooter brands had increase by 15 stores since the government’s announcement.

“It will be interesting to see the sell through compared to stores that have been carrying them for the last couple of years,” John said.

He said scooter sales remained largely concentrated in Melbourne, with only a small increase in regional Victoria.

John anticipated private e-scooter sales will continue to grow in the coming months “but probably not to the level that everyone expected initially”.

Sydney-based e-scooter brand Bolzzen says it hasn’t seen any significant uptake in the market yet but forecasts a moderate boost in the next three to six months.

“We predict that a moderate rise in sales for the next three to six months and the largest growth really starting October to December for Christmas and summer,” Bolzzen managing director Christian Muller said.

“After this, we predict that growth will steadily increase as more private scooters are seen out and about and potential buyers get to experience riding a friend’s unit etc.”

Bolzzen scooters are stocked in two Victorian stores, Melbourne Hyped Rides and Scooter Pros, with a third in the pipeline.

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