Bosch System to go Smarter and Farther in 2022

Reutlingen, Germany

Bosch is offering e-bike riders the opportunity to travel farther and more connected, courtesy of several goodies confirmed for 2022 and packaged as ‘The Smart System’.

A new Flow app to personalise and digitise the riding experience, and a 20% increase in optimum battery capacity are at the heart of The Smart System, which Bosch announced on 31st August.

Bosch’s new PowerTube 750 watt hour (Wh) battery offers a 20% increase in range compared to the PowerTube 625, which to date was Bosch’s largest battery, and leapfrogs the 672 Wh units typically found in many other e-bikes.

The new 4.4kg lithium-ion battery offers a long service life and is equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) that protects the battery cells from overload.

Riders can also better manage how they use that battery power, courtesy of the Flow app and a compact new Kiox 300 display also announced for the 2022 range.

The app will allow owners to:

  • choose between Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo riding modes and fine tune those modes to get more propulsion or consume less power
  • download new features and updates for components such as the battery or motor, then send them to the e-bike using Bluetooth, rather than going to a bike store
  • track ride and fitness data as soon as they start riding
Bosch Smart System components
The Smart System comprises a more powerful PowerTube 750 watt hour battery, a Flow app, a Kiox 300 display with LED remote, and a lightweight A4 battery charger.

A quick overview of battery status, remaining range, distance travelled and upcoming service appointments will all be displayed on the app’s home screen.

Riders will also be able to monitor the remaining battery range on the Kiox 300 display, which shows the range for each e-bike riding mode so they can choose the best option to reach their destination.

A colour display on the Kiox 300 assists with readability during day and night and the unit can be operated by an LED remote.

Regular updates to the Kiox 300 features will be available by linking to the Flow app.

The app also enables riders to customise the rider modes in the Performances Line CX drive unit, another component of The Smart System. The levels of support, dynamics, maximum speed and maximum torque of the drive can be flexibly adjusted to riders’ personal needs and preferences.

“We are convinced that the fully connected, smart e-bike will redefine the mobility of tomorrow, both for short trips in everyday life and for extended rides in leisure time”

Claus Fleischer – Bosch E-bike Systems CEO

Greater immersion in the Internet of Things

It’s a step towards Bosch’s goal for e-bikes that can be digitally customised and connected through the Internet of Things, according to Bosch e-bike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer.

“In the future, the e-bike will automatically adjust to the rider’s personal needs,” he said.

“It adapts to our riding style, suggests routes that we enjoy and guides us safely from point A to B. It gets to know our preferences and interests and offers a perfectly tailored e-bike experience.”

He said the technology was headed toward safety advances such as a “digital guardian angel” to automatically issue a call for help during an emergency, remote bike locking and GPS-based anti-theft features.

The Smart System can be retrofitted to Bosch’s Connect Module, which can sound an acoustic alarm to deter thieves and uses smartphones to track stolen bikes.

“We are convinced that the fully connected, smart e-bike will redefine the mobility of tomorrow, both for short trips in everyday life and for extended rides in leisure time,” Mr Fleischer added.

“The smart system equips the e-bike with more intelligence, comfort, and safety for the mobility of the 21st century.”

The Smart System is rounded out by a small, lightweight A4 that can fully charge the battery in six hours or take it to half charge in just over two hours.

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