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BikesOnline Bringing Thok to Australia


Alba, Italy

A new player in the Italian e-bike sector, Thok, is collaborating with Sydney-based online retailer BikesOnline to make the brand available in this country.

The e-bike specialist has experienced rapid sales growth since its debut in Europe five years ago, with aggressive designs inspired by motorsport.

The company reported selling 60% more bikes in 2021 compared to the previous year and another 50% jump in 2022. It is forecasting a further 50% increase in 2023.

Founded by former BMX world champions and international downhill competitor Stefano Migliorini, Thok was chosen by Ducati to design and create its own road and off-road e-bikes.

That’s not entirely surprising, given Thok cofounder Livio Suppo is a revered former MotoGP team manager who led Ducati and Honda teams to win several world championships.

Thok MIG HT-R e-bike
The Thok MIG HT-R. Photo credit: Thok.

Thok current has three models, led by its Enduro TK01 R dual-suspension e-MTB designed for technical trails and the most demanding e-bikers. The MIG R dual-suspension bike has an all-mountain focus, and is accompanied by a hardtail hybrid variant for city asphalt and dirt roads, the MIG HT.

BikesOnline CEO James Van Rooyen said Thok bikes “make their mark and awaken a passion for cycling”, by combining motorsport-inspired design with Italian flair and performance.


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