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Brighter, Lighter and Unburdened by Over Analysis


Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne-based company Knog has foreshadowed it’s about to get a lot more upfront with its lighting designs, with the imminent release of a new range of high-powered headlights.

Knog cofounder and owner Hugo Davidson predicted the range, scheduled for release in April, will be a gamechanger despite taking a more simple approach compared to company’s previous attempts at the category.

He said while Knog is well recognised as an innovator for flashing lights and rear lights, its high-powered products have been “overpriced and overfeatured”.

“In some ways, we overthought them,” he said.

“We think we’ve now got products in this category that will beat manufacturers like Bontrager on features, run time, weight and price – basically, it’s a superior product with the technology available now.

“They will be products for road cyclists, e-bikes, mountain bike, high-powered mountain bikes, running through from 600 lumens to 900, 1300, 1800 and 2300 lumens.”


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