Is BMW Going to Get Serious This Time?

Munich, Germany

Car and motorcycle manufacturer BMW has been paying some slight attention to bicycles for decades. I can remember first writing about a BMW branded mountain bike around 25 years ago, but it was marketed at a price that said, ‘We really don’t intend to sell many of these.’ Instead, they seemed to be primarily aimed at accessorising their car showrooms with their branded bikes on roof racks above certain car models and having a ‘feel good’ link to cycling.

Now BMW has partnered with one of Germany’s largest bike brands, CUBE, to unveil the Concept Dynamic Cargo at the 2021 IAA Mobility expo in Munich, Germany.

Its front main frame tilts when cornering, which ensures that bike and load remain safe and stable.

“We want to actively help shape and implement new mobility solutions,” said Andreas Foti, Managing Director of CUBE. “Inspired by the idea from the house of BMW, we have put all our know-how into the series-ready development of this cargo bike. We have created an ultra-compact, nimble and safe bicycle that can be used by everyone and is fun to ride.

Jochen Karg, head of vehicle concepts in the new technologies and China division, BMW Group added, “In its role as a premium provider for individual mobility, the BMW Group is actively helping to create the liveable city of the future.

“With regard to the steady increase in traffic density in city centres, concepts for micromobility vehicles can make a significant contribution to improving the interconnectedness of urban mobility. That is why we are deliberately looking beyond our company’s core business.

“With the Concept Dynamic Cargo, our engineers are once again demonstrating their ability to transfer know-how from the automotive sector to concepts for micromobility vehicles. With regard to vehicles/concepts outside of our core business, awarding licenses to partners from the relevant industry to drive implementation has thus far proved to be the most efficient and an attractive option for both parties. We are therefore delighted to have concluded the contract with CUBE.”

No dates or details were released about when this new cargo bike might go on sale.

Two versions of the BMW AMBY concept bicycle
Two versions of the BMW AMBY concept. Photo Credit: IAA Mobility

Meanwhile, BMW have also revealed a high speed BMW iVision AMBY concept bicycle at IAA in Munich. The concept allowed riders to select a maximum speed of 25, 40 or 60 kph at the press of a button. ‘AMBY’ is short for ‘adaptive mobility’.

“Let the rider decide what’s the best and safest level of support depending on the traffic. Why is there so much regulation for e-bikes?” asked Werner Haumayr, vice president of BMW Group Design Conception.

“Everywhere you look, apparently established categories are being blown apart – and that’s a good thing. In the future, classifications such as ‘car’, ‘bicycle’ and ‘motorcycle’ should not determine the nature of the products we think up, develop and offer,” he continued.

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