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Two-Way Communication for Sydney Cycleway Network


Sydney, NSW

Community input is invited on a City of Sydney proposal to allow two-way bike traffic on several one-way streets, to make it easier for people riding to avoid busy roads and choose quiet, low-traffic streets.

A total of 159 streets have been identified in 24 suburbs, with submissions on the proposal open until 23rd September.

“These changes will allow people riding to travel in the opposite direction to motor vehicle traffic, which will still be one-way,” according to a City of Sydney advertisement inviting input.

“We recently looked at all one-way streets in our local area to see where two-way bike access would be beneficial and could be safely introduced.

“We looked for quiet streets that aligned with our bike network and allowed good visibility for people driving and riding.

“We’ve already made these changes to around 40 one-way streets across our local area and they’ve proven to be safe and effective.”

Find out more about the City of Sydney proposal.


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