New Separated Cycleway Earmarked for Removal by Council

Sydney, NSW

Residents in Sydney’s Canada Bay district are being consulted about the proposed removal of a separated cycleway in Five Dock, just months after it was constructed.

A City of Canada Bay website had originally stated the council was proposing to remove the Heath Street Cycleway, after receiving community concerns about “site concerns navigating through intersections and access to properties, increasing of traffic congestion … and potential increase of hazards to pedestrians.”

The website text was later watered down to state the council is proposing to modify the cycleway.

However, diagrams for the proposal up for consideration shows the cycleway along Heath Street would no longer be separated and ‘no stopping’ restrictions for cars would be relocated to reinstate three car parking spaces.

Plans show the council would instead paint additional bike logos on the road, alerting motorists to look out for cyclists.

Council officials invited community members to attend a site meeting on 2 February to discuss the proposal and provide feedback.

The council now says it is “fully committed to delivering the East-West Regional Route, and a cycleway will be maintained on Heath Street”.

It says after acting on public feedback and receiving independent advice, the council is proposing cycleway modifications that “provide a more balanced outcome for all users while also maintaining cycling infrastructure”.

A community consultation page for the proposal also cites the benefits of quality cycling infrastructure, including improved community health, reduced traffic congestion, improved access to community facilities and curbed air pollution and active transport to school.

Cycling advocates, including members of the Canada Bay Bicycle Users Group, continue to voice concerns about the prospect of modifications, which would be funded by Transport for NSW.

Community consultation on the proposal closes on 25th February and the matter will go to the council’s Traffic Committee in March.

City of Canada Bay conducted extensive community consultation about the Heath Street Cycleway before its construction last year.

The 200m stretch of cycleway along Heath Street is part of stage one of the Concorde to the Bay regional cycleway, completed last October and funded by a $7 million grant from the NSW Government.

See the proposal’s community engagement webpage.

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