Major Expansion of 40 kph Zones in Canberra

Canberra, ACT 

Australia’s capital city is about to significantly expand its 40 kph zones in the CBD’s of Civic, Braddon, and Tuggeranong. It will also create a new 40 kph zone in the Kingston Foreshore area. This is a major new medium to high-density residential, dining, office, and marina development on the southwestern shores of Lake Burley Griffin. 

Work to complete the new zones will be completed by the end of March 2021. 

Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel said the expansion of the 40 km/h zones was to make the areas safer for people to stop and is a natural evolution of Canberra’s growing business precincts. 

“As Canberra has grown, more streets have evolved to be not only places to move through but also places for people to stop and spend time. The speed limit in these areas needs to reflect this functional evolution,” Mr. Steel said. 

“For example, the City and Braddon has changed remarkably in the past decade to become hubs for dining, cultural events, residents and public transport, with large numbers of people crossing the road to access the Alinga Street Station. 

“Reducing speed limits in areas like our city centre, town, group and local centres makes our roads safer for everyone and supports a friendlier environment to walk, cycle and take public transport.” 

Mr Steel’s claim is backed up by detailed data that shows that the risk of death for ‘vulnerable road users’ such as cyclist and pedestrians when hit by a motor vehicle drops dramatically if the vehicle’s speed is reduced by just 10 kph from 50 kph down to 40 kph. 

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