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BIA Challenges e-Bikes Omission from ACT Sustainability Loan Scheme


Canberra, ACT

Bicycle Industries Australia is challenging the ACT Government’s omission of e-bikes from its Household Sustainability Loan Scheme.

BIA General Manager Peter Bourke will meet with the office of the Chief Minister Treasurer and Minister for Climate Action, Andrew Barr, to call on the Government to include e-bikes in which scheme.

The Household Sustainability Loan Scheme was launched in November to offer eligible households 10-year, zero-interest loans to purchase rooftop solar panels, energy storage systems, electric vehicles and chargers, electric stoves and air conditioning systems. 

BIA is disappointed the scheme, for loans between $2,000 and $15,000, does not include e-bikes. 

The Government has explained e-bike are excluded because there is a wide range of electric bikes available for under $2,000. 

“Our response to that is if they are actually trying to transition people from cars to bikes, the majority of e-bikes under $2000 have a maximum carrying capacity of 100kg,” Peter said. 

He said in many cases, that would exclude people from riding an e-bike with a child on board. 

Peter added an extension of the program to include e-bike was a simple step to boost sustainability among ACT households but “it’s something they’re refusing to do”. 

He believed the government was simply ill-informed about the cost of e-bikes capable of meeting the commuting needs of families. 

An online search of ‘high-efficiency electric stove tops’, which are eligible for the scheme, reveals the vast majority are under $2,000.


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