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850 kms of Cycleways in New Vancouver Transport Plan


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, Canada, possibly only rivalled by Montreal, has been the leading large city in North America when it comes to not only cycling infrastructure but delivering an integrated active transportation network.

On 12th October 2021 the city’s transportation operator, TransLink released a new 30 year plan which will accelerate decades of steady progress.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Quadrupling the rapid transit network. Through constructing approximately 300 kilometres of new rapid transit, such as SkyTrain, subway, light rail, or bus rapid transit.
  • Completing an 850-kilometre traffic-separated Major Bikeway Network to connect communities with greener, healthier transportation options.
  • Promoting electric and shared vehicles such as bikes, scooters, and cars

This draft strategy was built through TransLink’s largest–ever public engagement, a two–year process that has collected over 36,000 surveys and over 4,000 ideas from people across the region at over 300 in-person or online events.

TransLink say that from this consultation they created five goals for the transportation network: convenient, reliable, affordable, safe & comfortable and carbon-free.

The final Transport 2050 strategy will not be formally enacted unless adopted by a Mayors’ Council meeting in early 2022.


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