Scooter News: Beam Australia Reaches 10 Million Rides & Hurry-up for UK Legislation

Adelaide, SA

Beam e-scooter and e-bike share services in Australia passed their 10 millionth ride on Wednesday 16th August 2023, since the company made its debut in Adelaide in April 2019.

The company now has more than 10,000 e-scooters and e-bikes operating in Australia, providing services in 27 cities throughout Australia.

Beam says its latest research, conducted around the country, revealed 48% of trips on a Beam would’ve been made in a car instead – either in a privately-owned car or rideshare vehicle – if shared micromobility had not been available.

The company last week announced it is expanding its fleet of seated e-scooters in regional WA – three weeks after its Brisbane fleet became the first shared service in Australia to have the seated scooters.

It deployed 50 seated scooters in Geraldton on the 11th August, followed by another 100 in Rockingham and Esperance this week.

Beam said initial data from Brisbane showed a 30% increase in trip distances on seated e-scooters compared to standing e-scooters, which have an average trip distance of 2.5km.

Appeals to Expedite UK Legislation

In the UK, environmental charities, local authorities, organisations for people with disability, micromobility operators and retailers have issued renewed calls for government to expedite legislation on e-scooter use in that country.

The groups signed a joint letter urgently requesting the UK Government pursue legislation for low-speed, zero-emission vehicles.

“We appreciate your government’s efforts enabling people to get around safely and sustainably, including the successful shared e-scooter trials underway. We understand from the Transport Select Committee session on 17 May that the government intends to legislate, and consultations will begin this year,” the letter says.

“However, currently e-scooter trials are due to end after May 2024. These trials are ingrained into local transport systems enabling thousands of people to get to work, higher education and to run errands. Yet there is no certainty of these trials beyond spring next year nor the ability of additional towns or cities to introduce these services.

“This lack of certainty combined with the fact an estimated 750,000 privately owned and unregulated e-scooters are on UK roads, according to the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, underscores the importance of e-scooter legislation being included in this year’s King’s Speech.”

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