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New ACT Light Rail Brings Boost for Active Transport


Canberra, ACT

Cycling, walking and public transport in the ACT will get a shot in the arm from a light rail project begins in earnest this week.

The London Circuit project would create better links for cyclists and pedestrians to move through the southern part of Canberra, the ACT Government announced.

Major works on the project began this week, representing a significant first step in the delivery of light rail in Canberra, to activate the southern part of the central business district, Canberra Theatre precinct and providing better connections to the Acton Waterfront, the ACT’s Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, said.

Transport Minister Chris Steel said: “To make this road level with Commonwealth Avenue is one of the most significant changes to the road network in central Canberra since the 1960s.

“This project will make sure Canberra grows as a sustainable, vibrant and connected city, with better access between the city and the lake.

“The transformation of London Circuit and Commonwealth Avenue will create a better environment for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

“We are not only building the platform for light rail to turn from London Circuit onto Commonwealth Avenue, but removing barriers for cyclists and pedestrians moving through the southern part of the city.”

A new footpath and pedestrian signals on City Hill between Constitution Avenue and Edinburgh Avenue are also being constructed in parallel to provide more options to walk around the city during and after construction.


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