Publisher Phil Latz Adds Media Sales Role

Wollongong, NSW

Micromobility Report Publisher Phil Latz has decided to also take over the role of Media Sales Manager.

“We’ve had some challenges in successfully filling this role over the past six months,” Phil said.

“As all business owners know, it’s been a very tough recruitment environment in the current era of full employment.

“Rather than expose our valued, long-standing clients to more disruption, I’ve decided to take over the role myself for the indefinite future.”

For Phil, it’s bringing the wheel full circle. In the early years of Bicycling Australia magazine from late 1989, which he founded and owned until 2014, he was responsible for most of the media sales. As that company grew, he was able to employ full-time sales managers and focus on business management and new ventures.

“I’m really looking forward to getting back onto the road and reconnecting with our customers, many of whom I consider to be old friends,” he said.

“In fact, some of my clients from way back in the early ’90s are still working in the same or similar roles today. Meanwhile, others weren’t even born when I started working the bike community and are younger than my children, but that’s okay too.

“In this new financial year, we have one major new initiative, which is to launch the first annual Micromobility Report Yearbook, due out 22nd October 2023.”

For any media sales enquiries, you can contact Phil at or 0414 637 886.

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