New Marketing Head to Lead Ambitious Gillett Foundation Agenda

Melbourne, Victoria

An Australian peak body for cycling advocacy, the Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF), is expanding its team and has appointed promotions powerhouse Adam Lana as its Head of Marketing.

Foundation CEO Dan Kneipp said Mr Lana, the co-founder and former brand director of internationally successful bike manufacturer Curve Cycling, would be a crucial part of the foundation’s “ambitious new cycling safety programs”.

Earlier this year, the foundation celebrated the successful implementation of minimum passing distances in every Australian State and Territory, as a result of AGF’s A Metre Matters campaign.

The Victorian Government announced in April it was updating its road laws to require motorists leave a minimum distance of one metre when passing a cyclist in speed zones 60km/h or lower, and 1.5 metres when passing in speed zones over 60km/h.

AGF launched its Metre Matters campaign in 2009. Queensland first introduced a Metre Matters trial in 2014, while South Australia was the first to enact the minimum distance as law in 2015. All the other States and Territories have since followed suit, with Victoria the last to implement the road rule following a two-year public education campaign urging Victorians to ‘Give Cyclists the Space to Ride Safe’.

Recently-appointed AGF Chair Lisa Jacobs said Mr Lana’s “credentials and track record will be a valuable asset to expand AGF’s reach and the impact of our cycling safety change programs”.

Mr Lana has decades of experience in branding and marketing across a range of sectors, including co-founding and directing two successful businesses that have focused on growth through ethical and truthful brand marketing. 

In 2013 he co-founded Curve Cycling, which began in a shed in Footscray and is now selling bicycles and products in more than 20 countries. 

Ten years earlier, Mr Lana co-founded the multi award-winning creative agency Swear Words, supporting like-minded businesses to develop marketing and brand design strategies built on strong ethics, specialised knowledge, and open and honest communication. During his 12 years with Swear Words, his clients included social enterprise brands Who Gives a Crap and Oz Harvest.

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