New e-Scooter Regulations Unveiled in Queensland

Neuron Mobility share scooters in Brisbane

Brisbane, Queensland A new safety action plan for personal mobility devices has been unveiled by the Queensland Government this week, to upgrade regulation of e-scooters. The Personal Mobility Device Safety Action Plan was released by Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey on Sunday, introducing speed limits on some footpaths, mandating warning devices such as…

New Tool to Easily Measure Bike Friendly Areas

Cycle path

Brisbane, Queensland Measuring the bikeability of an area or route is about to get a lot easier, thanks to an automated tool being developed by the University of Queensland. The Bikeability Assessment Tool will quantify factors such as availability of cycling lanes, paths and infrastructure, traffic volumes, aesthetics, environmental conditions, and signage to measure how…

Long Recovery from Brisbane Floods

Flood waters inundate the Epic Cycles store in Paddington.

Brisbane, Queensland Queensland peak advocacy organisation and several Brisbane and northern NSW bike stores are bouncing back from this month’s severe flood, with some of them still uncertain when they will be able to return to their premises. Bicycle Queensland (BQ) and bike store NRG Cycles, both located in the Brisbane suburb of Milton, are…

Maximum Speed Halved for Queensland Scooters

Beam operates a number of scooter share services in Queensland and supports the new regulations, while launching several of its own education and safety measures.

Brisbane, Queensland Speed limits will be halved for e-scooters travelling on footpaths in Queensland, under a range of measures announced by the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey, last week to encourage safer use of scooters.   The speed reduction, to 12kmh, will be accompanied by mandated safety measures, a safety education campaign and…

Updated! Summary of Australian Micromobility Share Systems

BYKKO share scheme in Newcastle

Brisbane, Queensland We published an earlier version of this table only five months ago in February 2021. But because things are moving quite quickly in Australia, we thought it warranted posting this newly updated table. Thanks to Dr Abraham Leung and Madison Bland of Griffith University in Brisbane for providing this information. We anticipate that…

10 Tips for New Micromobility Cities

Beam Mobility eScooter

As micromobility becomes mainstream in Australia and around the world, cities are starting to see broader value in addition to the transport benefit. Since 2018, Australian smart cities around the country (excluding cities in NSW and Victoria) have been encouraging micromobility operators to provide e-scooter and now, ebike services in their jurisdictions.

Dockless E-bikes to Join Expanding Brisbane Scooter Fleet from July

Beam eScooters

Brisbane, Qld Eight-hundred dockless bikes will join a growing fleet of electric scooters on Brisbane streets within weeks, as the city council unveiled what it described as a world-first strategy for the sector. On Tuesday 1st June, Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner announced that Beam, which hosts its purple bikes and scooters in several other…

An Insider’s Perspective of Australia’s E-Scooter Share Schemes

Adelaide escooters

Colourful e-scooters on footpaths, in parks and at bus stops, have become common place in several Australian cities in a very short time. They range in colour from green, orange, purple and yellow, depending on the operator.

Periodically, cities have changed colours, authorising different operators to host e-scooter hire schemes in their city. The dominant operators in Australia are currently Beam (purple), Neuron Mobility (orange) and Lime (green).

Since Lime initiated Australian services in Brisbane in late 2018, with over 50,000 rides being taken in the first two weeks, other cities have been quick to follow. In just over two years, e-scooter hire schemes have been approved in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Charles Sturt (north-western Adelaide), Port Adelaide, Townsville, West Torrens (western Adelaide), Canberra and Bunbury.

First Ride Impressions of LEV’s Just Landed in Australia

Wolfgang Roffman

Brisbane / Queensland EMoS is a Brisbane based brand that’s pioneering the approval process and importation of a range of Light Electric Vehicles. Just before Christmas 2020, I was able to thread the needle between covid border restrictions and meet with Founder and Chief Technical Officer Wolfgang Roffman, along with Tony Blackshaw, Head of Operations…

Summary of Micromobility Share Systems in Australia

Shared Mobility Table

Brisbane / Queensland We recently came across this excellent table of share schemes for capital cities in Australia. It was compiled by Madison Bland and Benjamin Kaufman, both PhD candidates and Abraham Leung a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, all based at the Cities Research Institute at Griffith University in Brisbane, Qld. We anticipate that during 2021,…