WA Greens Take Up Campaign to Scrap Maximum Width Law

WA Greens Upper House Member Dr Brad Pettitt, a former director of West Bike, with one of his cargo bikes.

Perth, WA Lobbying for the abolition of a maximum width law for bicycles in WA is set to go to the State’s parliament, after Australian Greens politician Dr Brad Pettitt took up the cause. Dr Pettitt has joined Bicycle Industries Australia (BIA) and WA bike industry representatives in calling on the WA Government to scrap…

WA Urged to Scrap Bike Maximum Width Law

Bicycle Industries Australia believes Western Australia’s law on the maximum width of bikes and other pedal-powered devices is an impediment to people using NDIS assistance to purchase electric trikes.

An unusual width restriction for pedal-powered vehicles on roads and paths in Western Australia is being challenged by Bicycle Industries Australia, driven by its impact on people trying to source tricycles through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).