influencers! – Matthew Keenan

Matt Keenan, SBS Cycling commentator and ambassador for Baker Institute

In this entertaining interview, renowned cycling commentator Matthew Keenan will share in detail three of his secrets that have helped him become ‘The New Voice of Cycling’: ‘Volunteer for the job you want to have.’‘Infect as many people as possible with the bike bug.’‘Add value to the pictures.’ Matt also shares what life is like…

influencers! – Warren Salomon

Welcome to influencers! If ever anyone has earned the mantle of unsung hero, it would be Warren Salomon. Warren founded Australia’s first national general cycling magazine. He founded, grew and then donated ownership to charity, one of Australia’s largest mass participation bike rides. He led Bicycle New South Wales as both President and later CEO,…

influencers! – Steven Drake

Steven Drake influencers! interview

Steven Drake is one of those people who seems to achieve success at everything that he turns his hand to. He combined a double university degree with an ever-upwards road cycling trajectory that saw him become Australian road champion, race internationally and represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games. Then he seamlessly shifted gears into the…

influencers! – Charlie Farren

Charlie Farren influencers! interview

Melbourne-based Charlie Farren has spent a lifetime riding bikes and also encouraging many others to ride. She’s the founder of iconic mass participation cycling events including Around the Bay in a Day and the Great Victorian Bike Ride. Charlie has also volunteered her considerable organisational skills as a director of both the Amy Gillet Foundation…

influencers! – Osher Günsberg

Osher Gunsberg Influencers Interview

Osher Günsberg is well known as a TV presenter of many shows including Australian Idol and The Bachelor, but as you’ll see in this interview, less well known is that Osher has a great passion and knowledge about all things cycling related. Osher hasn’t just kept this interest to himself, but has done something about…

influencers! Interviews Launching 1st August

Influencers Title image

Over the years, we have come across many passionate, influential people, who are making a difference in some aspect of cycling or micromobility. Some are unsung heroes, others are leaders in their field who you already know.