Your Five Star Guarantee

1. If we don’t put your website advertisement online within five working days of receiving your booking and finished artwork file, then the first month is free.

2. If you’ve instructed us in writing and we make any mistake with the size, placement, or rotation of your ad or run the wrong advertisement, then it’s free for a month.

3. If for whatever technical reason or human error, your advertisement does not appear for the full month for which it was booked, then it’s free for a month.

4. We will provide you analytics data about your advertisement (number served and click through rates) within five working days of your request, or its free for a month.

5. We will proactively alert you to any relevant feature stories, news events or other information that may either positively or adversely impact your campaign so that you can take informed action, or your ad is free for a month.

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